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GeoEnvironmental are able to undertake detailed hydrographic surveys of rivers, lakes and canals and can rely on a wide range of techniques to obtain representative data.
We also collect samples from river beds, lake and canal bottoms which enable us to accurately characterise the materials based both on its geotechnical properties as well and nutrient and contaminations assessments. The sampling and testing is carried out to guidelines provided by the Environment Agency (EA), Centre for Environment Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) and Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The results of the testing are then used as part of a decision-making exercise to allow the most appropriate re-use option to be adopted. Our experience in remediating contaminated soils allow us to determine the nature and extent of any treatment that would be required to facilitate the most sustainable and economic re-use opportunities. Where necessary the results of the testing can be assessed against generic acceptance criteria (GAC) or against more site specific criteria derived by GeoEnvironmental using recognised protocols.