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In the case of soils impacted by contamination whether from metals, hydrocarbons, herbicides, or pesticides we can design a suitable remedial technique to improve the material for re-use.
This would be based on an initial sample analysis followed by bench trials to ensure the process is effective and efficient, which will lead to the full-scale works. At this point the material will be processed and suitable validation sampling to give assurance that the material produced conforms to the agreed specification. The works would be undertaken under GeoEnvironmental’s Environment Permit which would be deployed for the works and overseen by a registered Competent Person.

‚ÄčIn circumstances where the recovered material is proven suitable for re-use following dewatering the soils can either be used for on-site landscaping or used as a soil improvement agent and used on agricultural land. GeoEnvironmental is able to undertake this work under a waste permit for spreading dredge material on agricultural land.