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GeoEnvironmental Applications have used their expertise in dredging and material stabilisation to design and project manage the dredging of large tidal river channels in preparation for installation of flood defence schemes in major ports.
Dredging in ports is generally far more complicated than a river or lake. There are tides and strong currents to contend with and the high activity of a working port can create many logistical problems. The dredging programme has to be flexible and take into account all these issues and we can provide a team willing to adapt quickly and provide solutions to constantly changing problems.

GeoEnvironmental can provide:

  • Dredging with clam shells or cutter suction dredgers
  • Material collection in geotubes
  • Material stabilisation and sustainable re-use
  • Construction of islands and reefs from stabilised dredged material
  • Installation of scouring mats assisted by divers