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If a Phase 1 Environment Audit has highlighted the potential for contamination, the local authority will require an invasive ground investigation to be undertaken.

We will scope the investigation to take account of the anticipated ground conditions; however, if during exploration we come across unexpected findings we will review our sampling strategy to ensure that the investigation provides all information required. Whenever possible we will try to combine invasive investigations with any geotechnical surveys required to avoid duplication of work. We use an accredited UK laboratory to analyse our soil and leachate samples.

Our Phase 2 Environmental Investigation will review the chemical analysis and provide a quantitative risk assessment to determine whether any contamination could be a risk to human health or environmental receptors such as controlled waters. We will liaise with the regulatory bodies such as environmental health for contaminated soils or EA/SEPA/DoE/NRW for contaminated ground waters to determine what remediation, if any, is necessary to reduce the risk to the potential receptors. We have many years of experience working with the regulatory bodies.